The Cost of Discipleship


Reflection on the Gospel of the Twenty-Third Sunday In Ordinary Time


Luke 14:25-33

The key points of reflection from today’s Gospel are:

Most of the individuals in the large crowds who followed Jesus could have selfish motives. Seeking a miracle, being curious or just following the herd. They heard Jesus but weren’t making a decision. They heard what he had to say, they were amazed by his words and miracles but they didn’t change. They went about their daily routine as usual. We too are mostly guilty of the same. We could be Sunday Christians that attend the Eucharist and get back home just as usual.

               Today’s Gospel challenges us to make a change. A change that is not easy because it is expensive. The change is being a committed disciple of Jesus. We have to consider the cost of discipleship as expensive but also realize that the cost of not being his disciple could be even more expensive. Being his disciple would mean taking up our crosses and surrendering all those earthly desires or persons that are blocking God from taking priority in our life.

So are we going to be superficial followers or committed disciples?

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