The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
Of The Twenty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 8:4-15

Many of the Jesus teachings are in the form of parable. Each parable directly or indirectly talks about Kingdom of God. Parable of sower talks about power of seed planted in the soil and its abundance harvest ie Word of God sowed in the heart of human being and bore fruits and
unfruitfulness in God’s kingdom. Jesus despite of rejection and humiliation continued to sow the seeds in the field and awaited for the fruits and he encouraged his disciples too sow seeds in the field without any hesitation.

Word of God has power to change our life. Saints like Augustine, Francis Xavier, Ignatius Loyola lives got changed by word of God and they become missionary in the world. “Harvest is abundant but workers are few” it is an open invitation from Jesus to partake in his mission. It
is our prime duty to sow the word of God in the world. To achieve huge harvest in field sower has to follow the below process

1) Identify the field and quality of soil and accordingly sow the seeds in the field
2) Clean the field and put fertilizer and remove all unwanted things from the field.
3) Keep watch tower in the field
4) Apply pesticides time to time
5) Spurn the plant time to time.

Like, sower each minister who are called for mission has to identify his own ministry and soul entrusted to him/her. Cleanse the soul and sow the word of God. Feed them with healthy spiritual foods. Keep monitoring them and be with them at the time of trail and tribulation. Continue to work for them day and night. At the time of harvest our work shall be rewarded by heavenly father.

Let’s concentrate on our call and work earnestly in God’s kingdoms

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