Some Women Accompany Jesus

Some Women Accompany Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Twenty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 8:1-3

Women in the time of Jesus were treated as second class citizens. They were confined to household chores and looking after all domestic chores. Their opinions didn’t matter and very often subject to the atrocities of patriarchal society.

Jesus interacted with the women and allowed them to follow him. He healed many of them and also recognised and praised them for their faith. We see the examples of the women with the haemorrhage, the example of the persevering widow, his relationship with Martha and Mary, the woman who was not condemned for adultery and many more such examples in the gospels. 

These women disciples followed Jesus and also supported his ministry in any form that they could monetary, foo, provisions etc.. They trusted Jesus completely and believed in him being the Son of God. 

Women even today are inspiring examples of faith and many are saints. We pray to our Mother, one of his foremost disciples that she brings us closer to Jesus.

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