The Parable of the Rich Fool

The Parable of the Rich Fool


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
Of The Twenty-Ninth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 12:13-21

The greed of the men to possess more and more never ends.  Jesus warns this rich man that the man’s life does not depend on the wealth and possessions he has, his life is in the hands of God.  Man may have everything thing, but when the day comes, he has to leave all things, possessions, family and friends behind.

If we understand the concept of having more than our need, why do some earn more, maybe they are capable, but what does God want us to do with the extra wealth we have.  If we read Acts of Apostles, we get the answer.  What ever we possess is from God and of God so by sharing what we have is not sacrificing our wealth but giving back to God through his people in need.

Just imagine if this was understood well, no one in this world would sleep without a meal, no one in this world would be homeless and no one would die undignified death.

There are people who hold wealth enough for 10 or 20 next generations, but they do not have the heart to share.  Now a days it has become compulsory for Corporates to give a part under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), but many do it just as an obligation and there too they cheat.  It is not that there are no good rich people in the world.  Will not mention names, but we know of people who keep back just a part of their earning for themselves and give away in charity all their earnings.  We are not to judge, God knows best.

How do we then share from the little we have.  Let’s look into our homes and give away things lying for years and not used.  Make it a habit to tithe every month.  God loves a generous giver and our reward will be on the day of Judgement though he also blesses us hundred fold here in this world.  

Lord teach me to be a happy giver and to feel the needs of others, teach us to love and have the compassion to reach out and share our money, possessions and mostly our time starting with our own family members.

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