The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
Of The Twenty-Ninth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 13:1-9

There are total 60 reference in the bible on fig tree. Fig tree is mentioned in the first book and last book of the Bible. Adam and Eve made the cloth made up of fig tree leaves and covered their nakedness (Gen 3:7) stars of the sky fells on earth like fig tree drops its fruits when shaken by gale.(Rev 6:13). In Palestine Jews  plants fig tree in their garden and nourish them with care. Once its gets matured and started bearing fruits it will bear fruits for 10 months in a year. Fig trees normally take 3years to become mature and next 3 years its  bears impure fruits so people do not eat the fruits. At the 4th year ie 7th year people take the fruits and offer to God as thanksgiving. 

In the gospel garden represents world, the vine dresser is Jesus, the man is God the father, fig tree is people. God created the human beings and kept them in the world. Jesus explain that the  man approaching the tree and seeking fruits whereas there is no fruits found this continued for 3years this man patiently waited for nearly 9- 10 years( ie 3 years tree to become mature, 3 year bears impure fruits, 3 years this man continuously seeking fruits) after that he command his vine dresser to cut off the tree from the garden but vine dresser intercessor for tree and extend the period for further one more years. 

Similarly, we too are highly blessed by god with various skills and talents to build gods kingdom. God continuously reminding us to bear fruits in his vineyard. Let’s examine our self

  1. Are we using our talents for gods kingdom. 
  2. Are we bears fruits or remain as barren tree.
  3. Are we flexible and allowing vine dresser to work on us. 
  4. Are we ready change our way of life style.

Now , we are living in grace time let’s use the time precisely and start bears fruits or else we shall be the loser in  the earth.

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