Settling With Your Opponent


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Twenty-Ninth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 12:54-59

When Jesus speaks of the signs of the Time, He is referring to the intelligence of the Authorities, Pharisees and teachers, who failed in realising the reality Jesus presented to them as Son of God and Messiah. But He also faults their practical everyday judgement, because their understanding of God was the wrong side up. The best and clear example of this is when the Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce, and Jesus points the importance of Marriage and how it was always meant to be. Due to their own wrongful desires they had validated divorce, where there was no scope of cancelling a covenant, except by death.

Here too, he points out that Peace can only¬† be achieved through sharing and giving of peace, not by strife… Strife begets strife, not peace. And the desire to be right, more strife, not peace. Peace and the Kingdom of God is all about sacrifice. To achieve it you must be ready to loose… Yes it sounds harsh, but this is so because we cannot truly see with the eyes of God, the right way to achieve peace and satisfaction in life. The world has distorted the truth and made it all about, me, myself, and my own. In loosing you gain, in being last, you actually achieve what you truly desire. And in putting away your right to be legally right (though the truth be with you), you give forth, and you shall receive peace.

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