The Mission of the Seventy

The Mission of the Seventy


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The First Week Of Advent


Luke 10: 1-16

Jesus came into this world to proclaim the good news and establish Gods kingdom. During his ministry he choose 12 Apostles to be with him, these he sent out to proclaim the message and to gave authority to cast out demons (Mark 3:14-15), in this manner he trained them for 3 years. These apostles took forward Jesus’ mission post Jesus’ Ascension and Pentecost and they bore witness to Jesus in Jerusalem, Samaria and the entire world. But in today’s gospel we see that Jesus chooses 72 disciples and sent them in pairs to prepare a way and go ahead to build the Kingdom of God as his mission is not limited to few people, places, races or languages. Instead it is open to all who come in touch/understanding/knowledge of Jesus. Jesus instructed them not to carry purses, bags or sandals and he asked them to pray for laborers to join along with them, to work alongside them, to carry out the mission.

These 72 disciples accomplished their mission successfully and returned back with joy and shared their experience with Jesus. Similarly all the apostles accomplished their mission by the grace of God and established Gods kingdom in the world. All missionaries saints like St. Francis Xavier, St. John De Britto and many more ministers have also gone on mission and proclaimed Gods love in the world. These saints and ministers laid down their lives and worked hard to build the community of Jesus. With the blood shed by many missionary saints, the church has grown strong in the faith of Jesus.

Today, Jesus the Divine master continuously is calling each and every one of us for a mission, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few and he is searching for people who are willing to accept His invitation and partake in His mission. Let’s see the qualification to join the mission.

  1. Readiness to follow the divine masters footsteps wherever he leads us.
  2. Readiness to accept the challenges on the way of our journey.
  3. Readiness to give up our own will and plans to accomplish the mission
  4. Readiness to obey the divine commandments and accordingly lead our life
  5. Readiness to accept the rejection and humiliation while accomplishing the mission

In this advent season as we prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus into our own home, to have eternal love, joy, peace and happiness, lets examine our heart and make ourselves ready for Him, and ready ourselves and undertake Christ’s Mission?

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