The Message of the Sermon on the Mount

The Message of the Sermon on the Mount

Reflection on the Gospel of the Seventh Sunday
In Ordinary Time


Matthew 5: 38-48

The message of the Gospel of Matthew is about cultivating a relationship with God. He is the Pearl of great price, the Treasure beyond value. The most prized possession one can have.

The Gospels give a name to this relationship – they term God as Father and we His Children. And indeed we are, not because he created us because that is  the way he sees us – His Children. Since we are his children, how do we live our everyday lives? Can we live in fear? Worry at not having things, grumble, look at everyone around us with suspicion. Definitely not. Because these are signs of a lack of things and uncertainty over our future.

This is exactly what the message of the Sermon on the Mount – everything that the Children of God are. And since they are God’s Children, how confidently they can treat the negative and positive world around them – with the carefree abundance of being God’s Children, well provided for, and never in lack. Therefore treat with mercy and joy everything that is thrown to you, because God is with you and shows you mercy by overlooking your failures. So overlook theirs – let them experience through you what it means to be God’s Children, and let them in turn come to believe and have faith.

Come Holy Spirit, help us understand what it means to be God’s Children.

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