The Healing of a Boy with a Spirit


The Healing of a Boy with a Spirit

Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Seventh Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 9: 14-29

Prayer and Fasting, Jesus before starting his ministry went to the wilderness and prayed and fasted for 40 days and while preaching and working miracles, he did not stop praying.  He daily without fail spent time alone early morning praying.  

What we find in the above passage is that the helpless father who runs to the disciples first as he had seen the disciples perform miracles when Jesus had sent them on a mission to the nearby towns to preach and do miracles to get hands on experience.  As a good teacher, Jesus gets very tough on them on their non-performance, but in private.  He does not get angry on his disciples in front of the crowd as he knew that if he does. the people will not respect and believe them henceforth. 

At this time, Jesus was just returning with his close disciples where they saw Jesus transfigured and also heard the Father speak.  While the other disciples were down waiting for them.  The crowd who saw the failure of the disciples to heal the boy were amazed to see Jesus as they believed that Jesus would surely heal him.  Even though Jesus knew he could heal the boy, he asks the boy’s father if he believed.  Here Jesus wants the people to know that it is not just enough to come to Jesus and ask with doubts in minds, but believe in their hearts that nothing is impossible for Jesus.  Faith is what Jesus asked from them.  He had said that if they have faith as small of a mustard seed, they could move mountains.  Where do we stand, do we have such faith?

Let us make an effort to be like Jesus.  For this, we have to learn to be compassionate and willing to help and sensitive enough to the needs of others like Jesus.  If able, we need to fast and pray  which helps restore and strengthen our intimacy with God and most of all believe and have complete faith in God then anything and everything is possible because God is all powerful who makes all things.  Let us pray to Jesus to give us these qualities and day by day increase our faith in Him and learn to trust Him in all situations.

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