The Lesson of the Fig Tree

The Lesson of the Fig Tree


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 21:29-33

Jesus has come to Jerusalem and sees the predictions coming true. While doing his preaching, he predicts the destruction of the temple, the end of the world, the persecutions that will take place etc. This is a part of his eschatological discourse talking about the end times, his second coming etc.  The people however seem blissfully unaware of these forthcoming incidents and are probably wondering why and what he is talking about.

Through the parable of the fig tree, and its blooming young leaves, he shows the people how to recognize the signs. He shows them that all the events that he has predicted about will take place and then they will recognize Christ who will come for judgement. He affirms his prophecy by saying his words will not pass away even after many more generations to come. 

Do we see the signs that are taking place around us, be it in our homes, office, parish associations communities and take corrective actions? 

We are at the start of an important season of Advent, waiting the coming of our Saviour, preparing and making straight the crooked paths, preparing our hearts and homes to receive baby Jesus. Let us take this opportunity to make amends, to work towards peace and joy in our hearts. 

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