The Holy Spirit As Truth And Guide


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

In The Sixth Week Of Easter

John 16:12-15

God seeks our consent to come and abide in us. Our consent is not only about believing in Jesus as God, it also means accepting the Truth (not human truth), and learning to accept it and living in it. He does not promise us that the journey will be easy, but it can be very rewarding and relatively enjoyable.

The flip side is that we can get side tracked by the journey in not totally accepting it and thus make the journey experience a negative experience for ourselves. Towards this the Holy Spirit is a great friend and guide. Showing us the truth behind worldly reality, aligning us to God and His perspective and attitude, and towards self discovery and acceptance. One on the most difficult thing to except is the so called negative experiences. It is hard to accept them as God’s will for us to go through. But a God who is infinitely good and who has taken responsibility for our lives cannot to lead us into something negative of bad. This helps us understand that the Shepherd of our lives has not/does not lead us into anything negative or bad. The world is the one who has put a label to such experience terming them as bad and negative. These experiences are the tools that help shape us into the image of God. And the fact also remains that God does not direct us along any paths, to travel them all alone, but personally leads us.

Pray then to the Holy Spirit, Lord open our eyes, help us know and get acquainted with God’s Truth – Jesus, personally and deeply. Help us know your presence with us as we go through life daily. Embedded firmly in the knowledge of your presence with us always and everywhere.

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