Sorrow Will Turn into Joy


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Sixth Week Of Easter

John 16:16-20

Jesus assures his disciples that their sorrow will be transformed into joy. Similarly, our sorrow will also be turned into joy. Let us express our sorrow to him, Why shy from asking him the tricky ways he has for us and why doubt the challenging situations of our life we are in. let us talk to him directly to understand his plan for us and for all and accept it graciously. The Lord is eager to answer so why make him wait. Today’s scripture we see Jesus knew that the disciples wanted to ask him, but were in dispute among them self. The answer may be short and straight, your pain will turn into joy. Thus the challenges we are facing today may be a preparation for tomorrow. Let us enter into a firm relationship with The Lord, let us converse with him daily, especially be willing to Listen. Holy Spirit empower us to listen to your voice.

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  1. A very good reflection.The last 6 lines are worth reading several times !

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