The Faithful or the Unfaithful Slave

The Faithful or the Unfaithful Slave


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Twenty-First Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 24: 42-51

Keep awake… the first half of the gospel reading is a reflection that we need to set time aside for pray and to dialogue with God, or we will always be caught in our daily busy schedule and have no time to interact with God. The Parousia, the coming of the Lord is at an unexpected time, the time is here and now, are we able to see and understand this or still busy partying/trying to earn our living. The Lord is always available and waiting for us, what about us? Are we so busy? Will we be caught unprepared? The Parousia, the coming of the Lord is at an unexpected time.

The second half helps us reflect on our own personality and the role and gift the Lord has always desired for us, to be his sons and daughters and to be his witness at all times, always. This is not for a particular short period, and being good with only a particular group, but to be good with all. When the Lord finds us at work for this, He will definitely reward us. The responsibility of sharing and caring and being faithful, depending on the Lord and not on our own ability and calculations.

Holy Spirit help us to be prepared live the work we are called for in the vineyard of the Lord. Help us to pray and spend time with you so we may grow in relationship with you.

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