The Cross and Self-Denial

The Cross and Self-Denial


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
In The Twenty-First Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 16: 24-27

Love is a paradox for all humanity, at the least in current society.

  • Love is a constant,
  • Love is unchanging,
  • Love is unwavering
  • Love lights up the place around you
  • because Love is the beacon of hope
  • Love has no place for me, myself or I.
  • Love is about yours, yourself and you.
  • Love is a decision and it is binding.
  • Love is me being the gift
  • Love is a relationship, but not an emotion

Some may agree with my above assessment of Love, but others may disagree. What love is Biblically Speaking, stands in contrast to the ideology of modern thought. And mostly because it involves denial of the I, and the acceptance of suffering, sorrow and pain. All this is seen in Jesus the Christ/Messiah/Saviour, the Lord and Master of all humanity. As Mark 10:45 says, Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his live as a ransom for all. Where is the me, myself and I in this?

Modern thinking has progressed much, but at the core of its philosophy and mantra is ‘me, myself and I’. And all its ambition and grand plans, even if the plans are negative and evil in origin, will fail, because of this simple self-centeredness. It is the stumbling block for humanities pride. Jesus on the other hand offers humility and self-denial for His followers to imitate. Humility brings in virtue, suffering with sorrow included, not because pain is an inhuman gift, but it is the gift to become refined and free of self.

Look up then to the Saviour, put your hands in His in faith/hope. By His Life-Death-Resurrection, He has showed us what it means to Love; to live we must die to our world self.

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