The Bible: The Power of Rebirth

The Faithful or the Unfaithful Slave

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Twenty-Ninth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 12:39-48

Who then are you, the faithful or the unfaithful steward? We know He is coming but we don’t know the time He will come. It could be the next moment ,a day or a week from now, a month or many years later. But he will come as He predicted and we will not know or will not be able to anticipate His coming. What the Lord wants us to do mean while is to be a good steward. To be responsible and respectful of all that He has entrusted to us, our wealth, talents, family, society and the nature around us.We are called to use our talents and blessings as good stewards and caretakers to help many come to the fold of Christ and help in the Harvest of the Lord.

Are we waiting for the Lord? Are we behaving like stewards who are using the time before the Lord comes in doing deeds and chores that pleases the master? Or are we Busy (Burdened Under Satan’s yoke) trying to get the next promotion, building a retirement fund, or earning to get the fastest and the best wheels in the market? Are we busy exploring the world when there are many who are waiting to hear the Good News of salvation which Jesus our Lord and Master has commanded us to preach? Are we spending time in service to the Lord through the least of our brethren? Are we concerned for the wellbeing and salvation of our neighbours whom the Lord has entrusted to us because you are where you need to be right now? Are you among those learned fools who are trying to calculate or read signs to predict the coming of Christ and thinks that they have more time to play and waste ?

Jesus, My Lord and my God I love you. With your grace and with the help of the Holy Spirit I wait for You , preparing myself through service as You commanded and washing my garments with the testimony I give on behalf of You.
Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.



Another Reflection on Today’s Gospel

This sounds like text influenced by the post 50 AD scenario, where everyone was expectantly waiting for Jesus, the Christ to return, In Thessalonica, they had abandoned all work and sitting in the streets for Christ to come. And that is the tie they developed the understanding of Jesus the High Priest, in God’s Presence, doing intercession for his Bride – the Church. People had become a little disillusioned by the no return of Christ, because in the beginning all of them felt, Jesus’ Second coming was just around the corner. At the beginning of his ministry, Paul, even taught that those who had not married, should avoid getting married and wait for Christ’s Return.

Here is where you need to read the Letter to the Hebrews. It is a well crafted and logical presentation of Jesus the High Priest (according to the older priesthood, of which Melchizedek was priest), foreshadowed by in the Levitical Priesthood, where the current High Priest, on the Day of Atonement, entered the Holy of Holies. Jesus likewise in his Ascension, enters the proper Holy of Holies, i.e. God’s Presence, to remain there till the time when He will come back. But this is correct in the sense of who He is, and where He always is, and How He operates in this world? This is so because, His incarnation helps us understand that as becoming human, he has tied himself to humanity forever, and he will never be faraway from it. The next proper question to answer is where is Heaven, and the short answer is, Where God IS. And where then is God – among us. The logic applied here is, How can the Father and the Holy Spirit stay away from the Son, and in the incarnation, the Trinity made its home among men, as before in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus then is with us, and among us, and as High Priest wants to bless us. Do not loose sleep nor hope, Jesus has not abandoned us, He is here, stretch out your hand, ask Him to take hold of it, and ask Him as High Priest to bless you.

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