The Counsellor


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

In The Sixth Week Of Easter

John 15:26-16:4

Jesus continues to prepare the Apostles before his departure to his Father’s house.  After teaching them of the way they should live righteous life, he comes to the most important part of the of the lives of the disciples, that is suffering. He knew that they would need help to face the hostile world after he is gone. Hence, he sort of warns them of the persecution and trials they would have to go through when they are on the field working in his vineyard so that they would remember that this was told to them in advance as there was a possibility of some of them to get scandalised and leave the faith.  He tells them that the Holy Spirit, the paraclete would join them to witness Jesus and testify about his works and that they would not be left alone.  They should not feel rejected and loose hope when they are thrown out of synagogues and temples for Jesus’ sake.  The ones who would want to kill them even though in the name of religion (in charges of blasphemy) would do so because they have not known Jesus nor His Father as yet cause if anyone who knows Jesus, knows His father and would know the truth.

Lastly, Jesus says that he had not told them of these things earlier as he was still with them, and he did not want them to be filled with grief to know of the forthcoming persecutions. Now that that the time was close for Jesus to leave, he prepares them for persecution with hope of receiving help from the Holy Spirit.

What is Jesus telling us today through this passage.  Does this passage apply to me?  Let us call on the Holy Spirit to guide us when we are faced with trials and persecution, he does come even today, we only need to call him with complete faith.  Help us Jesus to know that the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is God and he is here to support us, guide and lead us to live righteous lives.  Help us to invoke Him when we are in need.

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