The Call of Matthew


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

Of The Thirteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 9:9-13

A call from the Lord and Mathew followed Jesus. An experience of Jesus is so powerful that we are not in control of ourselves. Jesus was kind and mingled with the people;  he debated with the Pharisees, preached to the ordinary people and spoke even to the so called ‘sinners’ who were generally shunned as they collected taxes for the Romans. They were considered to be shrewd and manipulative. 

Jesus attracted the people towards him with his simple and meaningful teachings. He made them realise their shortcomings and helped them improve and become better human beings, a true reflection of God’s image and likeness. His words are so powerful and logical that it is the sick who need a physician and not someone who is well. We falter and move away from God and when we realise our mistakes and repent and return to the Lord, we are healed. 

The Lord desires mercy, a change in our attitudes towards our brethren, a response ‘of love, with love and to love’; a love that overlooks the shortcomings and looks instead at the person and converts them. A continuous effort to change and become perfect just like our Lord.

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