Jesus Heals a Paralytic


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

Of The Thirteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 9:1-8

In general, we are always eager to see miracles, healings, signs… In today’s scripture reading we reflect on Jesus’ Healing of a paralyzed man, and the passage starts with (vs 1) ‘And after getting into a boat he crossed the sea and came to his own town.’ Matthew has used a simple introductory verse, but it is also teaching us in many ways. Many a times we skip to ponder on verses like these. This simple verse is highlighting Jesus’ willingness to travel from one town to another to proclaim, bring healing and, bless. Are we willing to move out of our comfort zone to bring the good news and healing to others. The faith of the people who brought the sick person is more significant than that of the sick person himself. Jesus sees the faith of these people who carried the paralyzed man to him and who were willing to take this task/mission to bring the needy person to Jesus’ attention, is indeed praiseworthy. In the bargain, the paralysed person not only gets his healing, but also the important grace of the forgiveness of sins. Let us also exercise our faith; Jesus is all powerful, the almighty God, He has authority over everything. Though we know him so well, we still doubt and grieve. Jesus knows our minds and hearts. Let us drop our doubts and allow him to work wonders and miracles in our life. Holy Spirit help us to come into the Lords presence. Holy Spirit help us to hear the Lords voice, which commands us to stand, walk, go. Help us to recognize the healing and blessings which we are receiving, everyday, every moment.

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