The Birth of Jesus Foretold

The Birth of Jesus Foretold


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

In The Third Week In Lent

(Solemnity: The Annunciation Of The Lord)

Luke 1:26-38

Today we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation – the announcement of the coming of our King & Saviour! 

Mary was an ordinary village girl, but her response to the angel reflects her attitude to pay attention to God’s call, which is essential for seeing the sacred possibilities of ordinary life. God does not want power or wisdom, but a willing and open heart.

Angel Gabriel addressed Mary as the ‘favoured one’ the one selected by God, full of grace. Mary is taken by surprise and perturbed with the news, but Angel Gabriel assures her that the Lord is with her and this message is solely the initiative of God. Mary’s qualification as Virgin means one who belongs to God and dependent on God, like the Virgin daughter of Israel – who is faithful to God.  

Angel Gabriel tells Mary that the Holy Spirit will overshadow her – a reference to the OT, signifying God’s presence in tabernacle; thus Luke compares Mary to the Tabernacle where God dwells. Luke also captures the double identity of the Messiah, i.e both Son of David and Son of God.  

Mary’s wholehearted ‘Yes’ to God’s call played a very significant role in bringing salvation to mankind through Jesus. She acknowledged that she is a humble servant of God and surrendered to his divine will. Even Jesus understood himself as a servant and calls each one of us to be a servant who will surrender in obedience to the will of our Divine Master.

Are we willing to listen and pay attention?

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