Jesus and Beelzebul

Jesus and Beelzebul

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Third Week In Lent

Luke 11:14-23

Jesus and Beelzebul, Jesus cures a man who was mute. The crowds was astounded They called and labelled his work as work of Beelzebul, it referred to a derogatory name for Satan, it is linked to a pagan idol worship at Ekron. Jesus knew exactly what they were thinking, when the demon had been driven out of the dumb man and He could speak. Thus He exhorts and distinguishes Satan work and coming of Gods kingdom. He forces them to see and rethink the authority and power of God which exceeds any human power or exorcists. a power that can only be from God. Where do we place ourselves in today’s scripture reading ? Lord help us to praise the good work done by the authorities working in your Kingdom, help us not to talk ill about others specially the people who you have appointed to administer and help and guide us. Holy Spirit give us the gift of discernment, that we choose the good that overpower all band and evil.

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