The Beginning Of Jesus’ Ministry


To Read Click Mk 1:14-20

  • This Gospel reading is a continuation of Last Sunday’s theme
    • But there is a difference
    • Here John the Baptist is already arrested
    • And more importantly, what Mark is saying is that, Jesus starts his ministry after John’s arrest.
    • It is not Andrew who brought Peter to Jesus, but Jesus sought Andrew, Peter, James and John himself.
  • This does not mean there is something wrong with both the Gospels talking in opposite directions.
    • Here Mark is trying to tell a very different Theological and Spiritual Truth.
    • It is God who searches and orchestrates everything.
      • And in accordance with that, all these four came to be the disciples of Jesus.
    • But there is another Insight he wishes to highlight.
      • He will be using the theme of Jesus as wisdom a little later in his Gospel.
      • Here Mark is drawing attention to Wisdom, more precisely Lady Wisdom.
      • The Book of Wisdom shows that Lady Wisdom out in the streets gathering Disciples.
      • What Mark has shown us is Jesus the Wisdom of God is not laid back.
      • He is out in the streets gathering Disciples.
  • And the message of Jesus the Wisdom of God is the same as John the Baptist’s.
    • Yet it is different.
    • John the Baptist said the Kingdom is about to come,
      • So, prepare yourself.
      • Prepare your hearts.
      • That you may be found worthy to enter the Kingdom of God
    • Jesus’ Message is
      • The Time of Kairos (grace) has already begun.
      • The Kingdom of God is getting established…
      • e. in the person of Jesus, his vocation and ministry
      • come and see (like Jesus told the first disciples in last Sunday’s Gospel)
      • and then repent and believe.