Wisdom Collecting Disciples


To Read Click John 1:35–42

  • Jesus is Wisdom personified
    • He is seeking out disciples
    • But here we are presented with the first two who at the behest of John The Baptist, go forward to check this Teacher – Jesus.
  • ‘Were are you staying?’ with the added word ‘Rabbi’, is a clear indication of the intentions of these two young and zealous individuals.
    • They want to be disciples of Jesus.
    • And he bids them come and see…
    • The rest is history…
  • Who do we want to be disciples of…
    • John the Baptist
    • Someone else, or
    • Jesus
    • Mark 1:14-15, tells us Jesus Message of Salvation
    • The Time of Salvation has begun
    • All are invited
    • Sinners, saints and also those in-between
  • Invited to come and see
    • And as the Psalm says…
    • Come and see the Lord is good.
    • If you delight in what you see remain
    • and then accordingly change your life
    • If not satisfied…
    • You can go your way…
  • Can our prayer today be…
    • Jesus where do you stay…
    • We want to come and see.