Jesus Foretells the Scattering of The Disciples, at His Arrest

Jesus Foretells the Scattering of The Disciples, at His Arrest

Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

In The Seventh Week Of Easter

John 16:29-33

After the Passover meal and after Judas leaves to trap Jesus, Jesus had started giving the eleven Apostles instructions to live life and do things according to the teaching they received. And when he finished telling them of his impending passion and his departure, he tells them that he will go back to His Father’s house from where he came.  The apostles though did not understand all that Jesus informed them, they at least believed that Jesus had come from God.  Jesus himself must have been relieved to hear that they believed in Him.

Finally, he opens to them the suspense and tells them how in few moments everything would change, not just the disciples and the people who once waited on him would run away from Jesus, but also the apostles would either go back to their homes or scatter and hide.

Jesus did not want to scare them, but he wanted them to know that just like his Father (God Almighty) would be with him during this trial, Jesus also would be with them when they face the trials in the world and should not despair but be at peace.  That’s the reason he tells them to be cheerful at all times and never let fear let them down.  

Today in our world we see things are getting bad to worse.  Many believers in Christ are being persecuted and tested.  This can happen to us too any time.  We need to be prepared and remember the words of Jesus and with faith face the world.  These words are applicable to us even today.

Let us ask Jesus to give us the grace to have complete faith in Him and his words and help us to put into action all that we hear and read in the Scriptures.  When faced with trial we need to remember the final joy we will receive when we meet Jesus again.

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