The Infant Jesus Hailed by Simeon

The Infant Jesus Hailed by Simeon

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
Of The Twenty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

(Memorial: Our Lady of Sorrows)


Luke 2:33-35

Mary at the foot of the cross in tears and gazing in sorrow at Jesus nailed on the cross, breathing his last. Jesus while accomplishing his Fathers mission on the cross, looks at Mary and surrenders his mother to us/disciple. This is the greatest gift of all to us, let us reflect on this mystery of salvation, where we see the union of Jesus and Mary and the gift of Mary to the Disciple. Holy Spirit help us to hear the word, accept the word and follow it as Mother Mary did. Holy Spirit help us to gaze at the cross and acquire the courage and boldness in our pain sorrow and challenges.

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