Sermon on the Mount: Concerning Adultery & Divorce


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

Of The Tenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:27-32

This part of the gospel is a continuation of the teaching after the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus explains daily living principles through this  series of teachings. He calls us, God’s people, the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world, his coming to fulfill the law…. He teaches us a very essential lesson on forgiveness and not keeping anger and grudges against anyone. 

The sanctity of marital relationships is broken in a divorce. Adultery is not only caused by the physical action, but the mere thought and feeling of lust has already caused one to sin.  Jesus uses strong admonishing words to separate the sin from the person, to cut off the rot and save the rest of the body from sinning. He definitely did not want us to get blind or crippled physically, but rather get that one disabled member healed and to stop the sin from spreading. 

Allowing something hurtful to stay on in our minds and hearts just lets us get drowned in self –pity and seek vengeance. Forgiveness not only heals the hurt, but helps us ‘’rise above’’ the situation. We ask the Holy Spirit to pour his love and inner healing on us and grant us his abundant gifts so  that we can bear fruit in our lives and truly be a light to the other. 

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