Salt and Light

Salt and Light


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
In The Tenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 5: 13-16

Wow! Looking at what the Lord has called us and is calling us even today to be in our home and the world today ….. SALT and LIGHT. But wait a minute what does the world or for that matter you want to be …… wealthy, acceptable, socially correct etc. And look at what Jesus draws our attention to on little things ….. Salt that preserves food and Light that does not change a room but it enables us to see what is in it. It helps us appreciate what is good and beautiful, just as it facilitates avoiding pitfalls.

We believe in Jesus and his works and his words. So do we have a choice here NO …… you and I have to be the salt who will sanctify, purify and preserve the people given and sent into our lives in its relationship and understanding of God and Light that sheds the radiance of Jesus saving presence and hope that He brings in the mist of the darkness in people’s lives.

So don’t hesitate or shy from being the SALT and LIGHT you are called to be in any given situation.

Oh! How I love Jesus for his warnings too. If we refuse or don’t fulfill this role, when we hide our light because we no longer wish to speak about Jesus through our words and deeds and when we cease to be salt because we have so adjusted ourselves to the values of the world, our own self-indulgence or sin or centering totally on ourselves then we bound to lose our saltiness. And here the Lord warns us we are fit only to be thrown out.


Another Reflection


Today’s Gospel is carrying forward of the Beatitudes. If the Beatitudes serve as Vision of what the Kingdom of God is, the rest of chapter 5, and then chapters 6 and 7, serve as, how we can be those be-attitudes in this world.

In today’s verses, Jesus is telling us what those who follow him are. They are golden standards to be set up high, so all can see us and marvel at us and thus they discard unbelief in God and His Son, and they also put their trust in God. ‘Take care,’ then Jesus warns us, conduct yourself in all humility, least you loose your faith and flavour, then you are useless. He then extends the meaning of salt, by likening us his followers to be lights. Lights if hidden (like the servant who hid the 1 Talent), Lights if not put out there to do their work, loose the flavour. To keep retaining your flavour salt/light need to be always connected to its source Jesus, in a living relationship. It also needs to serve with what little it has been given, in order to discover self, and also grow and retain its essence.

Come Lord Holy Spirit, teach us, guide us and help us get into a relationship with the Trinity, in and through Jesus.

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