The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Tenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 5: 1-12

The Beatitudes are traits and ideas that one receives and awakens to, when one is in relationship with God. Except for the First – poor in spirit (humility) and sixth -pure in spirit, all these are expressions towards our neighbour. These are things that we do not easily self-possess, or are born with. These are ideas complicated and are others serving. They are ideas that belong to God and His Kingdom, for in humanity awakening to all of these, it establishes God’s Kingdom here on earth, here and now. I will say, these are ideas we awaken to when we are in a relationship with God.

  1. Why will we mourn unless we like Paul come to the light, and  realise our own wrongness. And having experienced God’s Forgiveness and love, we desire to share it with our neighbour.
  2. Why will we take the option to be last (meek), unless we have taken heed to Jesus’ words, “the first shall be last… and thus have experienced the raw grace and satisfaction made available to self and others around.
  3. Why else will we hunger and thirst for righteousness, unless we have tasted the Righteous One, ourselves. When we have our belief, trust and faith in Him, then is the desire born in us to share Him with others.
  4. What we share with others, goes around and that is what we receive. If we are merciful to those around us, than mercy is what goes around, and we receive mercy and a more healed world.
  5. In all these activities, (3-5), we have forwarded, God’s Kingdom, and people will recognise God in and through us. We and those who choose to be part of God’s Kingdom will be identified as People of Peace, Jesus the Prince of Peace.
  6. And the people who will see your witness to the Prince of Peace, will through curve balls at us, test us, by making trouble for us, to see how we react to it. Will we react with violence and everything else, or with Peace who is in our hearts.
    Therefore rejoice, the Kingdom is here and now, and therefore there is trouble all around. Even the Prophets and the great King  were persecuted.

But all this starts with a gift from God;

  • that being humility,
  • and it should only be received with gratitude by us.
  • Then follows the relationship with God,
  • When we in gratitude realise that God is present in/with us, and is shaping our life and perfecting us with the experiences of life. The world labels these experiences as Good, Bad or Ugly, for us they are only good, because they flow from the good God, because all of them are for our well-being.
  • Then come the be-attitudes, the secret of God’s Kingdom on earth.
  • Finally, we will awaken to the fact and recognise God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, who has always been with us, leading us, loving us, inspiriting us.

Come Holy Spirit lead us into all Goodness.

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