Parables; The Growing Seed, The Mustard Seed


Mark 4:26-34


In today’s Gospel, we are reminded that the Kingdom of God is developed through a process. A process that cannot be predetermined or planned by man. However, the process does involve the cooperation of man. The quality of fruit produced will be determined at harvest time.

The tiny mustard seed represents the humble beginnings of God’s Kingdom. A small group of disciples that are to face many challenges. The right conditions will facilitate the growth of this tiny mustard seed into a huge shrub against every challenge. The wonderful tree provides shelter to all that seek to dwell in it. 

Very often we focus on the finish line, we want to achieve the goal no matter what. In today’s Gospel let us reflect on the process. Let us think about the now. What is the little that I have? How can I nurture my talents, use my resources, contribute my time in making the Kingdom of God present in the now? One day at a time we must deepen our roots seeking an enriched soil of faith.