The Boy Jesus in the Temple

The Boy Jesus in the Temple


Luke 2:41-51



In Israel as a custom the Jewish people, every year, go to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passoover Feast in remembrance of the freedom from slavery, they received at the hand of Yahweh. As usual the Holy Family went to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast Passover Feast and while returning back to their home town, Jesus remained in Jerusalem temple. After a days journey, Joseph and Mary realized that Jesus was not with them so, both returned to Jerusalem and started searching for Jesus. After 3 days they found Jesus in the temple sitting among the teachers of law. They were astonished to see Jesus eagerly listening to them and answering their questions, thus Jesus had a healthy discussion on scripture with the teachers of the Law, in the temple. Mary and Joseph are amazed at Jesus’ skill to understanding things and his wisdom. Mary kept all these things in her heart.

Mary kept on pondering all the childhood incident of Jesus in her heart

  1. The Greeting of the Angel Gabriel and message about baby Jesus before his birth and his role in the world
  2. The Blessed words of Elizabeth which were inspired by holy spirit.
  3. The prophecy of the Prophet Simeon regarding Jesus’ mission and his eventual death.
  4. In this incident, at a very young age (12 years), Jesus’  thirst of scripture and his eagerness to live according to God’s General and specific instructions for him..


Joseph and Mary understood the call of Jesus in the world and accordingly both contributed their efforts in bringing up Jesus in the world and became partakers in Salvation History. Like the Holy Family, each of us are called to live a healthy and happy life. It is the responsibility of parents bring their children in the knowledge and understanding of God. Eg. Young Samuel is guided by Priest-Judge Elkanah. Parents should practice what they teach their children. Children are mirror image of their parents. The seed which parents plant or sow in the heart of their children is reaped by them at a future stage of their life. The Holy Family sowed the seeds of faith, prayer and virtue in the heart of baby Jesus and a later stage, the fruit of that seed became shelter/help for the entire world. As a parents if we sow love, peace, joy, obedience, dignity, self-esteem, faithfulness and kindness in the hearts of our children, then they will enjoy good fruit in the future. If we sow hate, anger, laziness, jealous and greediness in the heart of our children, then in the future they will face the consequences of this. So parents remember it is your responsibility to

  1. Educate your children in faith, prayer and virtue
  2. To provide for the physical and spiritual needs of your children.
  3. To encourage and support your childs vocation
  4. To resemble Jesus in words, deeds and living, and thus introduce them to follow Jesus.

Ask this question; as a parent am I fulfilling my duty towards my children both physically and spiritually.

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