Mary Anoints Jesus


John 12:1-11

  • Jesus came to Bethany, The door of Martha, Mary, Lazarus was always open to Jesus.
    • Do we welcome, Do we serve , Do we dine with the Lord?
    • Do we make arrangements for his stay?
    • When  we do this,  our House will be filled with Lords fragrance.
    • People in and around will be astonished and in perplex  will comment and give all sort of advise, be wise, keep your cool.
  • Mary took a pound of costly ointment of pure nard.
    • We need to be generous and open in attitude and approach towards the Lord,
    • we need to give back to the Lord and give in abundance.
    • We need to think of the poor, give to the poor,
      • Do we think of the Lord ?
      • Do we give to the Lord ?
  • Let the Thief Inside us die, Let the Real Me inside of us, rise.
  • Let us be prepared for the passion, let us be prepared for the Death, Let us prepare for the Passover.
  • Am I a  disciple who follow Jesus,
    • Who proclaims Jesus,
    • Who is a witness to Jesus
    • OR am I someone who betrays Jesus?
  • The Crowd came to see Jesus and Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.
    • Let Jesus’ glory be seen in us,
    • Let us be witness to the Lord.
  • Let us Prayer to the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to Welcome Jesus in our Heart and to be witness to Him