Jesus Washes his Disciples’ Feet


Reflection on the Gospel

of the Thursday Of The Lord’s Supper

(Maundy Thursday)

John 13:1-15

We are all called to wash one another’s feet just as Jesus washed the Disciples’ feet and set an example for them to follow. Even as we are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, we are called to be In service of each other. This model of Love-Service established by Jesus leads us to the ethical servant role that we must play in our interactions with one another. By washing his apostles’ feet, Jesus cleans and purifies them in preparation for their participation in the breaking of the bread, themselves. As He broke, we gain the strength and courage to break ourselves, to give ourselves to others. We should allow ourselves to be washed and made clean. Are we prepared to adopt our master’s humility and meekness, is the greatest challenge! The question is not that – do we understand or accept this model of service, in our interaction with one-another, it is the question of obedience. Obedience not because God and our Lord commands us, but because we are fully convicted of who God Is! If our Lord and God is good and has our best interest at heart, and are we are fully convicted of this – then we will obey Him because of this, even if we do not understand or like the path he is leading us to.

The question then this Maundy Thursday is, are we ready to follow Jesus down this path of Loving Service? Let us pray, ‘Lord Holy Spirit, give us the strength to share in the Bread of Life, and serve live Jesus.’

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