Jesus Knows of Judas’ Betrayal

Jesus Knows of Judas’ Betrayal

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

In Holy Week

Matthew 26:14-25

We have the theme of betrayal carried forward even today. All of those at table with Jesus at the Last Supper, claimed they would never betray Jesus, they never saw themselves do such a thing. But at Jesus’ arrest everyone ran away.

We go about life sure of ourselves and what we are. But life shows us that time and circumstances can make fools of us. But don’t be fooled, everything that happens around you and with you does not define you. You define yourself. How you go about life after failure is what defines you. There is always Jesus waiting next to you when you fail – He is our living/loving Grace. We need to only stretch out our hand and ask Him to help.

You may have made terrible mistakes, or may have gone a different way… don’t worry, don’t stress, just believe. Believe who God IS, not who we assume him to be. He came for sinners like you and me, and he is about saving us all. There is only one thing that is required, stretch out your hands and ask Jesus to help You and save You.

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