Jesus the Good Shepherd

Jesus the Good Shepherd


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

In The Fourth Week Of Easter

John 10:1-10

The passage is very clear, but Jesus knew that the disciples did not understand then though they were familiar with the concept of sheep and shepherd.  Some of us today also find it difficult to understand the passage, probably because we live in cities and towns and do not have the privilege to live in villages. 

Jesus is trying to explain the relation that the sheep and shepherd have.  The sheep recognises his master’s voice and follows every instruction.  The shepherd similarly knows each sheep by name and if any stranger calls out to them the sheep will never go.   This is a simple message for us, our relationship with should be like the sheep and the master.  Jesus being the good shepherd and we the sheep.  He wants us to enjoy the relationship that Jesus has with his Father, intimate and strong.  We should be able to listen to the voice of our Lord and without any fear or doubt adhere to his message and follow him.  If at all we are lured by others to follow other gods, our faith in Jesus needs to be strong and not get tricked by anyone.  

Jesus says he is the door and one can enter the Kingdom through him and no other.  He warns us to be aware of the sheep that enter by other way.  They come in to disrupt our peace and unity, their intention is to take us away from our shepherd.  Similarly, there will be some who will call themselves messiah and tempt us to follow him, but we need to keep in close contact with our Lord so that we are able to hear his voice and he too will protect and guide us with his wisdom.

Let us reflect on the above passage and ask Jesus to give us the grace to remain connected to Jesus at all times and not get tempted to the ways of the world.

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