Jesus Testifies to John The Baptist’s Greatness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Third Week Of Advent

Luke 7:24-30

Jesus affirms John the Baptist as a prophet, even more than a prophet, and greatest of all human beings, and how his way of living and humility still attracts people from far and wide. Yet John is just a messenger who prepares the way for the real coming of the kingdom. Jesus’ preaching and Gods Kingdom is far greater than John, yet Jesus places the least in this kingdom as being far greater than any else. This does not take anything away from John. Jews who are never willing to accept either John or Jesus, have separated themselves from Gods plan and are never contented with whatever message God sends their way. This in turn blocks them from receiving God’s blessings and privileges. Today are we attracted to the real message of God, are we aware of our own identity and our greatness in the kingdom, are we open to Gods design in our life. Holy Spirit help us to be humble and follow Gods will in our daily living.

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