Jesus’ Temptations and Ministry


To Read Click Mark 1:12-15

  • There are many things that the Gospel Evangelists have not stressed.
    • One of these things is the human struggles that Jesus went.
    • Especially with evil.
  • This evil was constantly there, challenging him everyday.
    • Yet his recourse was to call out to God for help,
    • to live his life on earth, in accordance with God’s favour.
    • If you understand the bond one has with one’s partner in marriage
    • It is the same type of relationship Jesus had with God
  • He was tormented, harassed and confused.
    • But he still preferred to give weight to the relationship of faithfulness God exhibited towards him.
    • Always making him rise above everything as a victor.
    • Victor even in defeat.
    • Just like Jesus himself would later teach Peter to walk on water.
  • Jesus for his part went ahead with doing the things he was mandated to do.
  • Read Psalm 3
    • It is a Psalm of David
    • When he fled from his son Absalom
    • He complains of this persisting evil, against him
    • But he does not rejects it
    • His faith and trust in God to be seen
  • He calls God
    • His Provider
    • His Shield
    • His Deliverer
    • And therefore he will not worry over anything any longer
    • Because with and in God
    • He is already victorious
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