Jesus Teacher, Revealer And Source of Eternal Life


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Third Week Of Easter

John 6:44-51

We need to receive and accept the faith nourishment given to us in today’s scripture, Abba Father himself is drawing all of us to himself, so we need to receive his teaching and to receive his Son. This nourishment is complete when we willingly accept the wisdom-word and food-Jesus given to us. This Faith will help us see and understand clearly the difficult aspect which the normal people will not even accept. This helps us to see that Jesus is not only giving us the Heavenly Bread, but He is the Bread, the Living Bread, the Bread of life. Faith will serve us by helping us see this. Today’s word is serving us and strengthening us with this Faith nourishment. Hence we are ready to dine with the sacramental nourishment; the Eucharist – to eat and drink the Body and Blood of Christ.

Holy Spirit help us to draw closer in the learning you inspire to learn. Help us to give Jesus to others.

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