Jesus Offers His Flesh as Food And Blood as Drink

Jesus Offers His Flesh as Food And Blood as Drink


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

In The Third Week Of Easter

John 6:52-59

The gospel of John can be divided into two main sections viz Book of Signs and Book of Glory. This passage is from the Book of Signs.

Jesus has already given 6 signs until this discourse, of changing water into wine, healing of the sick, feeding the multitude and walking on water, but the people and still seeking signs. Jesus then gives them this discourse of the Bread of Life. He co-relates the bread that came from heaven to their ancestors with himself as the living bread that came down from heaven, but this does not go well with the people. He goes on to tell them that he is the life giving bread and whoever eats of his flesh and drinks of his blood, will live forever.

 The concept that Jesus was putting forward was very difficult for the Jews to comprehend as they were imagining the physical action, while Jesus was talking about partaking of his life, being one in communion with him and through him, with the Father. 

What Jesus tried to explain then, is important for us also to absorb i.e unless we partake of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection and become a part of his body (church) we are unable to have the personal experience of Christ and his salvation. Just receiving the body and blood of Christ without a personal relationship with him is useless.

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