Jesus Prays for His Disciples

Jesus Prays for His Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Eight Week Of Ordinary Time

Feast: Jesus Christ The Eternal High Priest

John 17: 1-2, 9, 14-26


The Heavenly Father has given all authority and power to Jesus, He in all humility surrenders his authority and power to his heavenly Father again, in and through prayer. Here Jesus prayers for his disciples, his friends and prayers for all of them. Jesus as the Eternal High Priest,
through his prayers and dialogue with his Father, teaches us to surrender all our authority power and rights to his Father in prayers. All this only all our benefits and blessing so we may gain the same eternal life we were blessed with, at the beginning of time. As he teaches in being last you merit begin first in God’s Kingdom, in losing, gain. And finally in dying, rise to eternal life in God. Todays words invoke us to be consistent in prayer and build a good and strong relationship with the Father and to intercede for ourselves and for others. Prayers will shield us and protect us from all worldly fears.

Holy Spirit help us in grow in praying for others and help us to grow in humility and be persistent in prayer.

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