Jesus and Peter

Jesus and Peter

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

In The Seventh Week Of Easter

John 21:15-19

Peter and the disciples were surprised with an unexpected visit from the Risen Lord and are enjoying this time over breakfast with the Lord. The experience of losing their Lord, brother is slowly changing with their reunion with the victorious resurrected Saviour. 

Jesus then addresses Simon Peter, recalling his discipleship of John the Baptist (Simon son of John), asks him, if he loves Jesus more than the others’ Simon Peter’s affirmative and immediate reply is implying that Jesus is aware of his love for him. The second time also Simon Peter replies the same, and Jesus gives him specific missions. The third time, Peter is probably upset on being asked but he gives an assertive reply to Jesus saying he knows everything about him and his willingness to follow the Lord.

Peter is then commissioned by the Lord to shepherd and feed his sheep and lambs, the new fresh believers, and build a strong church on the principles of the Kingdom of God.          

We reflect on the relationship between Jesus and Peter and our own with the Lord.. Are we willing to respond to his call with the same assurance and love for Jesus?

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