Jesus Is Presented in the Temple

Jesus Is Presented in the Temple

Reflection on the Gospel of the
Thursday In The Fourth Week Of Ordinary Time



Luke 2: 22-40

People visited the Temple to worship, do their sacrificial obligation, spend time in prayer. The Temple was the place of God’s presence, but now Jesus was here, God really and physically present among them. In Jesus’ presence all prophecies and the Law came to a standstill as it was complete and fulfilled. With the Saviour in their midst, now how were they required to pray? Did the format remain the same? Simeon and Anna show us the way forward, they immediately changed their prayer format, they praised and thanked God for everything, for they now experienced with them and besides them, God here and now, with whom they could relate and speak their hearts desire, in person. This was new and wonderful as compared to the old format of gifts like prophesies, proclamation, Law, etc…

Mary and Joseph in their turn also prayed in their own way treasuring these moments and preparing themselves with gratitude and humility. They did not know everything, but they had the presence of God in person – Jesus. They surrendered to God with acceptance born of confidence, expectation and awe towards their role in God’s mission of salvation.

Holy Spirit help us to grow in new ways of praying and growing in maturity with you, help us to be fruitful in your kingdom.

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