The Death of John the Baptist

The Death of John the Baptist

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Fourth Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 6: 14-29

A prophet is not accepted in his own country! We see that happening in most of the books of the Bible, the stories of all the prophets have a similar course as they bring God’s message to the people, to repent, turn away from sin and to follows God’s plan. John the Baptist was very straightforward and upheld the values of the Kingdom. He was a forerunner for Christ and prepared the people for the coming of the Messiah. 

He did not fear Herod and told him that he was wrong in marrying Herodias, but this confrontation of the truth, made him a victim of shrewd revenge by Herodias. Herod was tricked into giving in to his wife’s selfish and cruel demand. The news of the works of Jesus started spreading soon among the people and Herod therefore believed that John whom he beheaded has been raised again as Jesus. He was guilty of his wrong deeds. 

Mark connects the death of John to the mission and suffering of Jesus. John’s life and death foreshadows Jesus’ own life preaching and death. Prophetic ministry is constantly under threat as it sets itself against evil, sin and injustice. Our vocation is also like that of John, to be prophetic, speak up against evil and be ready to face persecution and rejection.    

How ready are we to face these challenges?

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