Jesus Is Named

Jesus Is Named


Reflection on the Gospel of the Eighth Day (Saturday) In The Octave of Christmas

(Solemnity: Mary, Mother of God)

Luke 2:16-21

Today our Mother church celebrate the feast of Mary, Mother of God. As per Gods plan and grace of God, Mary became mother of God. To redeem the world from slavery of sin, God took human form and born to virgin Mary. To become mother of God an invitation send to Mary through Angel Gabriel. she believed the word of angel and accepted the will of God, thus Mary partake in the mission of salvation. Mary’s mission started before the birth of Jesus. At the time of Jesus birth multitude angels appeared to shepherd keeping watch over their flock by night and gave good news about the birth of saviour of the world with sign, thus angel were partake in the mission of salvation. Shepherd were filled with fear as they received the message but they reacted immediately and move forward to see what they heard from angel. As they reached Bethlehem they saw baby boy with Mary and Joseph. As said by the angel the baby boy was wrapped by swaddling cloth and lied in the manger. Shepherd were happy and started praising God to sent the saviour to the world and redeem his own people. Probably shepherd shared their witness or good news to wise men, poor people, other shepherd, and animals gathered around the manger, thus shepherd partake in the mission of salvation. Mary stored these precious events into her heart and shared with Jesus disciples in later stage thus today we got an infancy narrative of Jesus. Thanks be to Mary to shared these incident to us through disciples. Mary and shepherd reacted immediately as soon they received the message and started glorifying the God and shared their personal witness to others.

In our life we were blessed with various goodness of God in the last year. Let’s praise and thank God for his goodness , providence and protection and ask god to continuously shower his blessing in this year too and bear witness to Christ in our society

Wish you all Happy and Prosperous New year..

Mary, mother of God pray for your children

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