Jesus Heals Many at Capernaum

Jesus Heals Many at Capernaum


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Twelfth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 8: 5-17

Jesus proclaimed Kingdom of God through his preaching, teaching and healing in the world. After finishing his sermon at mount, he started his healing ministry. Today’s gospel passage contains 3 set of healing received by different people. Lets us reflect on each healing and power of Jesus.

Healing of Centurion Servant:  Centurion was a Roman solider who was in charge of 100 men. His responsibility is to lead the men under his control. The centurion servant was paralyzed at home and he took efforts and spend lots of money to cure him but there is no use of it. Finally he heard about Nazareth Jesus healing power. He took time to see Jesus and plead for his servant. Centurion was gentile and he feel himself not worthy to receive Jesus into his house. He humbled himself before Jesus and requested Jesus to say a word to heal him. Centurion had a strong faith in Jesus word this shows that he already listened the preaching of Jesus and experienced the inner peace hence he approached him for healing of his servant. Jesus was astonished by seeing the faith of centurion and healed the servant by sending his word. 

Healing of Peter’s mother in law :  Peter’s family were aware of  about miraculous power of Jesus. They experienced the power of Jesus in their profession. They welcomed Jesus in their home. Jesus as soon as entered the house of Peter he saw that peter’s mother in law was in bed with fever and he compassionate at her and healed her by touching her hand. After receiving completely healing from Jesus she started serve him.

Healing from demons:  Late evening people all over the city came to Jesus to receive the blessing and healing from their disease and demons attack. Jesus was filled with holy spirit and had a power of healing. Many people who believed in Jesus power had received the healing, thus Isaiah prophesy fulfilled in Jesus life.

Hebrew 13: 8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”  Today we too will experience the healing power of Jesus in our life. Just keep your trust in Jesus and his power. you will see

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