Jesus Heals a Paralytic


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday Of The First Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 2:1-12

Jesus’ healing of the paralytic is a story of hope, faith brotherly love and mercy. The neighbours or friends of the paralytic brought him despite the difficulties and crowd and made arrangements to bring him in front of Jesus. They believed and persevered with the hope of complete healing, absolutely trusting the Lord.  Extraordinary faith looks for extraordinary ways to achieve the intended goal. 

In return for their faith, our Lord not only grants physical healing to the paralytic, but also goes beyond and grants forgiveness. This is possible only with God, who gives us much more than what we ask or are capable of asking. Through his kindness and mercy, he gives us his unconditional love and acceptance. 

Sin separates us from God and blocks our communication with God and others, but Jesus invites us to reconcile ourselves and be healed. He asks us to leave our worries, anxieties and pre-occupations behind, rise, pick up our pallets and walk! We no longer need that pallet on which the dead weight was being carried around. We are filled with his breath of life and his unconditional love; let us ‘rise and walk’!

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