Jesus Gives His Disciples The Great Commission


Matthew 28:16-20


Post the resurrection, Jesus sent an invitation to His disciples that He would meet them in Galilee via the women at the Tomb.  The disciples accept Jesus’ invitation and make the journey to the mountain. There they have an encounter with the risen Lord. They become witnesses of His Authority in heaven and earth receiving the Commission to spread the Good News and teach His Commandments. Jesus promises His faithfulness to all who rely on Him no matter what the situation.

We often hear children of influential and powerful people trying to muscle their way into situations for their advantage with either of these rhetorical statements, Don’t you know who I am? Do you know who my Father is? And so on…

But do we really know who we are?

Today, we too are reminded that we were invited into God’s Family – His Holy Church through Baptism. Therefore, our true identity is that we are God’s children.  Through faith in Jesus we have been given authority to make ourselves better and improve the lives of the people around us too. The right relationship with the Lord will also have a ripple effect on the community we live in. Yes, it is completely contrary to worldly wisdom of seeking power and using authority only for self-gain.

On the other hand, Jesus has promised us that He will never abandon us if we seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be granted to us by His providence. Some of us have already had a profound encounter with the Lord while a few of us have closed our hearts to Him. Faith is an experience lived in action rather than a ‘Label’ to be worn. The strength of faith is often tested with challenges. If our faith is weak, we shall encounter many doubts. Growing and living in faith is growing and living with what the church has to offer – Sacraments, Scripture, Wisdom of its teachings and the support of a faith filled community life guided by the Spirit.