Jesus’ Authority Is Questioned


Mark 11:27-33


Jesus through his teaching, preaching and healing redeemed the people from slavery, sin and curse. During his ministry his teaching was opposed by chief priest, scribes and elders of the synagogue. Because Jesus was teaching people with authority and his authority was questioned in today’s gospel. Let us reflects on word “authority”

In OT when Israel people were in Egypt slavery, God sent Moses to redeem his people and made covenant with them ie. I will be your God, and you will be my people. God gave commandments and instructed Moses to teach the commandments to Israel people accordingly Moses led the people in God’s way. After Moses, Judges, Prophets and kings took the responsibility to lead the people in God’s way of life. This continued till the destruction of Jerusalem. Israel people were captive by Babylon king and people were lived like lost sheep in alien land. Priest and scribes like Ezra and Nehemiah gathered people and taught them God’s teaching and lead the people in God’s way thus people slowly, slowly change their life style and devote their life to God the Israel. This way of teaching in the temple followed even in Jesus time in the synagogue. Chief priests and scribes teaches people with authority on the other hand Jesus too taught people with authority so Jesus authority was questioned by scribes “who gave you this authority”? Jesus never enter in to argument to prove who gave and how he got the authority to teach in the synagogue rather he counter questioned them on their teaching and their way of living which was unanswered by them.

Similarly, in our life journey we too questioned by our Christian or non-Christian brothers on faith, sacraments and church teaching never enter in to argument on such question and impose them to accept our teaching or convinced to accept their view when they quote bible verse and support their arguments. Do not take the scripture as it is as each verse in the bible have 7 dimensions rather understand the background of the scripture and pray to Holy Spirit to reveal the truth behind the scripture. Always remember all our church teachings are inspired by Holy Spirit so do not fall victim to any false teaching as in today’s digital world  false teaching inserted in the family through social media and make people to fall in to the trap. So as per below verse realize the present time and live as per God’s way of life.

Luke 12:56 “ You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?”

Are we ready to accept the present time challenges in the digital world  and live our life as per our church teaching?