Jesus Feeds Four Thousand


To Read Click Mark 8:1-10


  • This passage is making a reference to God feeding the Israelites in the Desert.
    • God is provider
    • God is aware of our needs and
    • God will provide for us
  • This is a second story of feeding a huge crowd.
    • The first was in Jewish territory
    • This is in the north in Gentile territory.
    • Soon now he will know that he has head to Jerusalem
    • To suffer and die.
  • Both the feedings convey the God has made provision for humanity
    • To save it and feed it
    • First the Jews, by feeding them in their territory
    • The gentiles also will be saved,
    • by the symbolism of 4000 representing the 4 corners of the world.
  • The Feeding again is unique
    • It is the pre-presentation of the Covenant Sacrifice at the Last Supper.
    • i.e. the Eucharist
  • To be part of God’s people then we should thirst and hunger for Jesus Body and blood
    • Else there is no entry to his presence.