Jesus Heals A Leper


To Read Click Mark 1:40-45


  • Mark now starts inserting some miracles and cures by Jesus.
    • These are really,
    • But they are arranged altogether
    • To tell us something about Jesus.
  • Jesus the High Priest
    • The office of healing was that of the High Priest
    • As was the office of certifying the full healing of one.
    • Jesus is not afraid to touch this man…
  • One of the endearing qualities of this man is his humility
    • “If you choose, you can make me clean.”
    • Jesus equally delighted and willing, heals him.
  • The deeper level of truth here is the leprosy that Israel had…
    • For four hundred years no communication between God and Israel.
    • As if Israel itself had been cast out from the presence of God
    • Because it had become leprous.
  • Here Mark is telling Israel
    • You who are disowned
    • Now you are being welcomed back
    • Now once again you will be a people.
    • Receiving all your health and dignity back.