Jesus Consecrates His Disciples to the Father


John 17:11b-19


Even as his hour draws near, Jesus makes intercession with His Father, on behalf of his disciples. Protect them, and help them to be beacons of God’s grace in the World.

Sanctify them with the Truth… Meaning let their eyes be open to what is right and wrong, according to the Reality God has established. Not according to the confusion and distortion Man brought about. Let them be blessed to take note of God’s heart and his direction to carry on the mission of Jesus the Christ, with all their heart, mind and strength (consecrate).

The Word of God Sanctifies us and consecrates us to God… Can we engage in reading and reflecting on God’s Word/Jesus, not out of necessity or want, but out of desire for God and to have Him in our lives… We can. Start today by picking up the Bible. Start with the Gospel of Mark, then Matthew, Luke, John, Acts of the Apostles… Even as you start God will bless you not only in understanding his Word, but also you will see the Light of God’s Truth and Grace on other parts of your life.