Jesus Compares Blindness to Bias and Hypocrisy


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Twenty-Third Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 6:39-42

Jesus here is asking his disciples to love their enemies. He is not talking about tolerance but active love, so rather than hate, reject, insult, accuse they should love, do good, bless and pray. We have to behave just as God behaves with us – being kind, merciful & forgiving even if we falter. “Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!” 

Through the parable Jesus asks us to lead by example, not to judge or condemn but rather be aware of our own shortcomings and forgive one another. Jesus did not concern himself with rituals, practices and meaningless debates, he rather went about preaching the Word of God in it’s true meaning, wiping out the cobwebs of fixed mindsets and bringing them closer to the vision of God’s Kingdom.  

Only a person with clear vision can lead and that clarity can come, only when we overcome the hurdles of petty issues, differences in our relationships and look beyond and visualise the larger picture. Do we want to continue to be blinded by that log in our eyes, or can we take out that log and start working with other to help remove the speck in their eyes?  


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  1. An excellent reflection.Yes we need to introspect and get rid of our shortcomings.Only then will be able to help others become pleasing in God’s sight.

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